"Paintings unpainted"

What does that mean?

At first glance, these images are one of many artistic representations of our distorted reality.
But upon closer look, we discover that wool, water and soap, rather than paint and brushes, have conjured these worlds of intriguing spaces and faces.

Ewa Misiak performs her artistic experiments heeding her own imagination and creative desires. She seeks out an idea for herself, for life, while ever playing with materials, forms and colours. Ewa has created her own unique style. She calls her works "feutrographie". Professor Szymon Bojko has written of her oeuvre: "Mindful of her experimental achievements, she has extracted them from the domain of applied arts, where she also works. Hence the echoes of symbolism, traces of expressionism and, especially, Art Nouveau. However, here and there among these recognizable artistic forms, we find signals and clues to a mystery..."

Ewa Misiak

Member of the Association
of Polish Artists and Designers

Paintings unpainted

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